“...in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

This is still very much a WIP.

Some people argue that style is a reflection of one’s attitude and personality; and I tend to agree with that. I try to make things in my life clean, simple, and straightforward; so I wanted this site's design to feel clean, simple, and straightforward as well.

For the technical side of things, this site was created using GitHub Pages and Jekyll (which I describe in more detail here). The site is hosted for free with GitHub pages.

And now back to the styles...

Primary Colors


Secondary Colors



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Text & Links

This is a regular sentence.

This is an italic sentence.

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This is a regular sentence with a link.

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Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name is Jake and I'm a web designer and developer, but these blogs aren't always about those subjects. Enjoy! ✌️