2017 Year in Review and 2018 Goals

Written on January 1, 2018

I’ve been getting into the habit of reflecting on the previous year and seeing which goals I was able to accomplish. I also like adding the current years goals as a way to hold myself accountable.

2017 Goals (and updates):

1. Set up an Etsy shop for my pet illustrations πŸ‘

β€” And sell at least 10 commissioned portraits

Note: Sarah and I set up our Etsy shop this year, and I more than doubled this goal by selling 21 pet portraits. Sarah also killed it and sold a ton of other items on the shop. πŸ€™

2. Daily meditation for at least 5 minutes πŸ‘

Note: While I did miss a day here and there, I practiced meditation almost daily and usually for 10 minutes.

3. Read 8 books πŸ‘

Note: I probably only read 5 or 6 from cover to cover, but read and gained valuable knowledge from at least 8 books and other sources as well. Here’s my reading list from 2017 if you’re interested.

4. 30 minute prep on Sunday afternoon or evenings to prepare for the week ahead πŸ‘Ž

Note: I did this for a couple weeks, but didn’t find any real benefit from doing it so decided to stop.

5. Exercise πŸ‘ + πŸ‘Ž

β€” Complete Insanity 4 times

β€” Run or some other light workout in-between Insanity sessions

β€” Start doing yoga with Sarah a couple days a week

Note: After completing Insanity once, we decided to try other exercises rather than doing it another three times. We switched between a few different things, such as daily 7 minute workouts, yoga, basketball, and started running 4 - 5 days a week.

2018 Goals:

I’m thinking of doing something a little different this year. I’m going to break my goals up into quarterly themes with mini-goals within each theme. Here we go…

Q1: "Move"

β€” Move to a new city

β€” Continue running and complete a 10k run before end of quarter (EOQ)

β€” Practice yoga at least once a week

Q2: "Disconnect"

β€” Deactivate my Facebook account indefinitely

β€” Go on a Twitter and Instagram hiatus until EOQ

β€” Use the time I’d normally be on social media to read or write instead

Q3: "Grow"

β€” Complete one or two Udemy courses

β€” Build a new project (app or site just for fun)

β€” Read every day

Q4: "Give"

β€” Research and donate to at least two charities that are making a difference

β€” Spread awareness of quality charities for others interested in donating

β€” Volunteer for at least a few hours

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