How NationBuilder and Jake Saved the World

Chapter I: The Beginning

The world was becoming a very dark and strange place: kids were eating Tide Pods; leaders were unable to develop and organize thriving communities easily; someone was selling a “high-tech” juicer for $400; etc. Luckily, the universe had a plan to bring positive change and stability back into the world—a plan that involved pairing a mild-mannered front-end developer with an organization focused on providing everyone the freedom and opportunity to create what they were meant to create.

Before we dive in to the epic tale of how these characters combined their powers to save the world, let’s learn a little more about our mild-mannered front-end developer, Jake, and see why the universe felt he was the right person to join forces with NationBuilder.

Jake sits at his desk with his cat and mug of hot tea.

Chapter II: The Backstory

Jake Brokaw has spent the last three and a half years working remotely as a Web Developer and Designer in the Marketing department for Formstack. He and his team also oversee and develop websites and branding materials for two other SaaS companies. Prior to this, he spent two years as an IT Applications Developer for Nationwide Insurance. He has taken advantage of the remote life living in four different cities in the past five years. He and his wife (and their crazy cats) recently moved up to Portland, Oregon. He thought his life was chaotic enough for the time being, but then…


One day, while surfing the interwebs, the universe planted an idea into Jake’s mind. The idea was as simple as it was profound: He should combine his skillset with his desire to see positive change in the world.

After this realization, the only question left to answer was: Who might Jake pair up with to accomplish this quest? Fortunately, the perfect role opened up with an organization putting the power back into the hands of the people—NationBuilder. From that moment on, Jake’s whole world was…different. Life started to make sense again. The air was fresher, food tasted better, the sky was filled with angels singing “Don’t Stop Me Now,” the happiest song on Earth (listening to this song while finishing the rest of the story is encouraged 😉).

Jake and his cat notice a browser screen with NationBuilder's logo appear above their heads.

Chapter III: The Match

Once the universe made it blatantly clear that Jake and NationBuilder should join forces, they both decided they couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer.

Jake had used his love of writing scalable and semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build intentional and informative sites and landing pages in the past, but now he was able to do it knowing those skills would help provide people with opportunities to be the change they wished to see in the world. Jake’s knowledge and experience with creating, implementing, and maintaining Formstack’s Brand Design System allowed him to write and implement thoughtful and well crafted components across sites for NationBuilder and their clients. (Fun fact: Jake was even invited to speak to the Tulsa UX group about his experience with design systems.) Lastly, since he is a designer as well, he understands how a collaborative design and development process will always benefit users.

Jake designs and builds new landing pages at his desk while his cat watches.

Chapter IV: The World is Saved

Because of the work that NationBuilder and Jake were able to accomplish together, the world was a safer and brighter place to live. Tide Pods went back to being used solely for laundry purposes. Leaders and creators all over the world were able to organize thriving communities with NationBuilder. The $400 juicer startup, Juicero, was thankfully shut down. All was well with the world.

The universe knew what it was doing when it paired Jake with NationBuilder, which was already contributing so much good to the world. They, along with everyone else in the world, lived happily ever after.

Jake sits at his desk in his new GitHub hoodie while his cat is finally able to relax again.

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