Our Next Chapter: We’re Off to the Pacific Northwest

Published on 18 February 2018

Sarah and I first met each other on the west coast during a summer internship five and a half years ago. Since then, we’ve talked about moving back that way at some point. While we’ve truly enjoyed the last few cities we’ve lived in, this next move is special because we’re finally heading back to the west coast where it all began.

As with anything we do, we’re making the trip out there an adventure. We’re leaving Tulsa on Friday, March 2nd and driving up to Denver. We’ll stay there for the weekend and then drive up to Salt Lake City, where we’ll be staying for a week while we continue working (#remotelife). The following weekend, we’ll drive up to Boise where we’ll stay for another week. Finally, we’ll make our way to our new “home” in…

KD posing with a Portland shirt

Taking any opportunity to poke fun at KD 😜

PORTLAND! (We have an Airbnb there for a week while we explore Portland a bit and find a place to live.)

I’ve visited Portland multiple times over the past couple of years for work, and Sarah first experienced it when we vacationed there for our anniversary last year. There are a million things to love about Portland, but we’re most looking forward to the hiking and camping, the delicious food, and the abundance of coffee.

We’re also looking foward to the PNW climate. After spending the past three years in the sun and heat of Austin and Tulsa, our pale bodies are ready for some mild temps and the misty drizzle.

While Portland is a pricey place to live, I’m a big believer that your environment and experiences impact your happiness to a greater degree than money ever could. (That being said, we’ve been preparing and budgeting for this for a while now—we’re not that reckless. 😜)

Portland will become the fourth city in the past five years where Sarah and I have lived. As stressful as moving can be, we realize just how drastically the pros of moving to new places outweigh the cons. We’re completely different people than we were back when we first met. Our ideologies and philosophies have evolved greatly, and continue to do so on what seems like a daily basis. We’ve met and formed solid relationships with amazing people we otherwise wouldn’t have even met. We’ve also learned to let go of our possessions and only keep what provides true value.

Some day we might decide to pick a place and stay for a longer period of time. Maybe it’ll be Portland, maybe it’ll be somewhere else. But until then, we’re really enjoying this ongoing adventure and look forward to making more memories and relationships in the Pacific Northwest.

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