A Short Story On How GitLab & Jake Saved The World

Chapter I: The Beginning

The world was becoming a very dark and strange place: People were eating Tide Pods; Software enterprises were depending on too many products for their development cycle; People were paying $400 for an internet-connected juicer. But the Universe had a plan to bring positive change and stability back into the world, a plan that involved pairing a mild-mannered web developer with an organization focused on efficiently helping others.

Before we dive into the epic tale of how these characters combined their powers to save the world, let’s learn a little more about our mild-mannered web developer, Jake, and see why the Universe felt he was the right person to join forces with GitLab.

Illustration of Jake and his desk set up

Chapter II: The Backstory

Jake Brokaw has spent the last three years working remotely as a Web Designer and Developer in the Marketing department for a software company, called Formstack. Prior to that he spent two years as an Applications Developer for Nationwide Insurance. He’s loved the remote life and has lived in 3 different cities in the past four years. He and his wife (and their large cats) are actually in the process of moving again, this time to Portland. He thought his life was chaotic enough for the time being, but then…


One day, while surfing the interwebz, a wild tanuki appeared! The tanuki was very wise and revealed things about how the Universe worked and that Jake’s purpose was to help save it from destruction. It’s as though the tanuki was showing Jake his future. After that conversation, Jake’s whole world was…different. Life started to make sense again. The air was fresher, food tasted better, the sky was filled with angels singing “Don’t Stop Me Now,” the happiest song on Earth.

For the first time, he was able to see his past experiences as actual super powers that he could use to save the world. It didn’t matter that he had years of experience writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to create responsive websites and landing pages. What mattered was that he would now be able to use those powers to provide both current and potential GitLab customers with a smooth and informative user experience.

It didn’t matter that he had worked with conversion optimization specialists to brainstorm, develop, and implement effective A/B tests. What mattered was that he could use that knowledge to create data-driven designs that would ensure GitLab’s value was truly understood by those looking to reduce their development cycle time.

It didn’t matter that he loved working in Sketch to design new pages and graphics every day. What mattered was that he could use the tools he cherished to visually represent GitLab’s features and benefits.

It didn’t matter that he helped create a design system from scratch. It didn’t even matter that he gave talks about design systems at a Tulsa UX meetup and at the University of Tulsa. What mattered was that he could now use his organization and communication skills to clearly explain the wonders of GitLab to the masses.

Now, thanks to that wise tanuki, he was finally able to see what the Universe had been mapping out for years.

Illustration of Jake and his desk set up

Chapter III: The Mission

Once the Universe made it blatantly clear that Jake and GitLab should join forces, they both decided they couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer. They teamed up so that Jake could help GitLab on their quest to change all creative work from read-only to read-write so that everyone could contribute.

Jake whole-heartily agreed with GitLab’s belief that all digital products should be open to contributions. With this goal in mind, they worked together to ensure that more people were aware of this powerful software and the opportunities it gave their organizations. They did this through interactive landing pages, beautiful emails, consistent user experiences, and data-driven design.

Illustration of Jake and his desk set up

Chapter IV: The World is Saved

Because of the work that GitLab and Jake were able to accomplish together, the world was a safer and brighter place to live. People went back to using Tide Pods solely for laundry purposes. Software enterprises of all shapes and sizes switched to GitLab to have just one integrated product for their entire development cycle and they were able to go to market faster and achieve software excellence. The juicer startup, Juicero, was thankfully shut down. All was well with the world.

The Universe knew what it was doing when it sent that wise tanuki to open Jake’s eyes to the possibilities of working alongside GitLab, which was already contributing so much good to the world. They, along with everyone else in the world, lived happily ever after.

Illustration of Jake and his desk set up

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