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Our Next Chapter: We’re Off to the Pacific Northwest

Sarah and I first met each other on the west coast during a summer internship five and a half years ago. Since then, we’ve talked about moving back that way at some point. While we’ve truly enjoyed the last few cities we’ve lived in, this next move is special because we’re finally heading back to the west coast where it all began.

18 February 2018

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Creating a New Website with GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I had been wanting to redo my website for a while now. I also wanted to start writing more in the coming year, so I knew I needed a way to create, edit, and publish blog posts easily. There’s no shortage of resources and platforms to get a personal blog/website up quickly, but I have never really liked the well-known blogging Content Management Systems (WordPress, Tumblr, Ghost, etc.). So I decided to try something I hadn’t used before — I wanted to learn something new. Enter GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

23 December 2016

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I am not you. And I’m finally cool with that.

I’ve been reading some awesome and inspiring articles on Medium as well as other outlets lately. We live in an amazing time with so many ambitious people sharing how they’re bettering themselves and the world. It’s great to see others not settling for mediocrity, but striving to improve the quality of their lives and the lives around them.

16 July 2015

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